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Conversion Dedicates Easter Song To Ukraine

50% of Proceeds Donated Forever As “Eternal Easter Candle” of Hope

Denver, CO - April 1, 2022 - One of Colorado's award-winning studio bands, Conversion, is promoting their Easter song, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M) with 50% of all sales proceeds going to Ukraine through UNICEF --- forever --- as an "Eternal Easter Candle" that keeps hope burning brightly.

Frank Harritt, founder of Conversion and the band's principal songwriter, says "the damage Russia has inflicted on Ukraine will take decades to repair, but the Ukrainian spirit remains strong, and we want to provide whatever help we can to strengthen their hope through music.” Easter represents the ideal time to announce our "Forever Campaign to Help Ukraine".

Conversion’s most-awarded single, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M), is about Easter’s most famous woman, St. Mary Magdalene, and the full range of emotions she experienced on Easter morning, from curiosity to elation to reflection --- all in just three minutes and twenty-six seconds. An American Easter has won multiple national and international recognitions, including: Winner, Vox Pop/Fans’ Choice Award at the 2018 Independent Music Awards, Bluegrass Song Category; 2019 Finalist, Instrumental Category, The Great American Song Contest; and Semi-Finalist, Instrumental Category, at the 2020 International Songwriting Competition.