This is a letter from Conversion for every single one of our visitors, whether this is your first or 50th visit to our website!

Dear Visitor,

First of all, we appreciate your visit to our website! There are millions of websites out there, so we’re very glad you stopped by. This is not a canned form letter but, instead, a genuine letter of appreciation and invitation! We hope you enjoy our Christian music and videos, regardless of whatever faith you may come from, as we believe to our core that God’s Love and Divine Mercy really are for all peoples and all nations. We do our best to honor and glorify God and His Message --- with our music and videos.

Finally, we also believe and know that He uniquely created and loves you for a unique purpose, a purpose according to His Master Plan of providing salvation to humanity through His Only Son, Jesus Christ. Moreover, God also gives every person free will to either accept or reject His Offer of Salvation --- Eternal Life with Him ---based on their own life experience. Our hope is that our music brings you closer to God.

Respectfully Yours,