Conversion. Where Rock 'n Roll Meets the King of Soul!TM
Conversion. Where Rock 'n Roll Meets the King of Soul!TM

Conversion The Band

The studio musicians in Conversion are all veteran musicians who also have full-time jobs! Known as the place Where Rock ‘n Roll Meets The King of Soul, Jesus Christ, Conversion has taken Christian Rockabilly to a new level, offering a unique blend of rock, country, blues, and bluegrass --- and welcomes all peoples of all faiths to enjoy their music.

Band Giving Their Performance

Strings Of Awards

Starting out in 2007, Conversion The Band has won a string of songwriting contest awards, their most notable being the song An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M) --- which won the Vox Pop/Fans' Choice award, Bluegrass Category, at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards in 2020.

Although Virtually Unknown, Available Worldwide

Although Conversion is still a virtually unknown band, our music is indeed available on all major digital
channels like Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Our first album, released in 2018, was entitled "American Psongs".

You Gotta Have Heart (Rough)

You Gotta Have Heart (Smooth)